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The Sheriff is responsible for civil processing for the Court by serving civil papers, i.e. small claims, notices to court, summons, subpoenas, general and special executions. [The Sheriff’s Office cannot provide any legal advice.] The fees for such processes are as follows:

Pursuant to Iowa Code 331.655 (1), the Sheriff shall collect the following fees:



Mileage** (subject to change) $.545/mile

Bill of Sale


Notice $30.00

Certificate of Purchase


Notice of Garnishment
(ten day notice)



Order $30.00



Original Notice $30.00

Conveyance Fee


Each Additional Original Notice $20.00

Copies (each)


Post Notice (each) $10.00



Sheriff's Sale $75.00

Domestic Abuse Order


Subpoena $35.00



Summons $30.00

Garnishment & Interrogatories


Transport Order* $30.00



Warrant $35.00

Inventory Fee

$20.00/hr Writs $30.00

Mental Pickup*


*Plus $25.00 per hour conveyance fee going to and from an institution.
**The maximum mileage allowed to be charged for the use of business vehicles is set
by the IRS.
In addition, the following charges are allowed:  
Sex Offender Registration $25.00 Annually  
Concealed Weapons Permits $50.00 New  
  $25.00 Renewal  
Permit to Acquire $25.00    

Fees payable in advance: Iowa Code 70A.5
All fees, unless otherwise specifically provided, are payable in advance, if demanded, except in the following cases:

  1. When the fees grow out of a criminal prosecution

  2. When the fees are payable by the state or county

  3. When the orders, judgments, or decrees of a court are to be entered, performed in divorce-related matters including child support, temporary custody, restraining orders, and writs of habeas corpus.

Example of Fees
The following are examples of what is charged for the listed services

Garnishment made by General Execution:  
  Execution $$30.00
  Notice of Garnishment & Interrogatories $30.00 plus $1.50 for three copies of this notice
  Mileage at Maximum Rate  
Sheriff's Sale of Personal Property:  
  Execution $30.00
  Notice of Levy $30.00
  Mileage at maximum rate  
  Copying $0.50 per copy of the Notice
  Inventory $20.00 per hour
  Posting $31.50 ($10 per place for a total of $30 and $1.50 for the three copies)
  Sale $75.00
  Bill of Sale $50.00 per buyer
  Appraiser paid at the rate set by the Sheriff
Real Estate Sale:
  Certificate of Purchase $50.00
  Deed $50.00
  All of the Personal Property Sale fees are applicable EXCEPT Appraisal, Inventory and
Bill of Sale.

Anyone requiring civil paper service may mail or bring papers for service to the Sheriff’s Office. A copy of paper(s) to be served plus a copy for our return is required for each person in which service is to be completed. Once service is made, a return of service is processed and an invoice is mailed to the person requiring service. When payment is received, the return of service is sent to the Clerk of Court of the county where papers were filed or to the person requiring service.

Mailing Address:
Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office, P.O. Box 474, Centerville, Iowa 52544

Physical Address:
Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office, 1125 West Van Buren St., Centerville, Iowa 52544

The Civil Division is also responsible for the following:
Processing and collecting fees for the purchase of driving records for the State of Iowa for a fee of $7.50.

Collecting fees for requests for copies of accident reports by insurance companies at $4.00 per copy of accident. (Person(s) involved in traffic accidents receive an information exchange at no charge to them).



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